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Why did we start this business?

Let's go to the beginning. My name is Sean Nelson and I started my own business (Nelly’s Security) back in 2008. We specialize in selling security products to installers and end users across the globe.

About Us

I knew very little about web developing or web design in those days. Matter of fact, I still don’t know much at all to this day.

In the beginning, I had to contract out web designers to develop my website. I found this to be very expensive. Even for just a very basic one page site, developers wanted several hundred dollars. For multi-page sites, it went well into the thousands.

What’s worse is that I often had a difficult time explaining exactly what I wanted to the designer, or they simply just didn’t quite understand what I wanted. This resulted in designs that just didn’t match up to what I had in mind, which then of course resulted in more edits, which meant more money for me to spend.

I eventually settled on a completed design that I liked. This was great. However, this only lasted for so long. Eventually, my business began growing and I needed to add new content to my site. I remember one time I tried to change some simple text on the header of my website. I ended up completely jacking up the site. Guess what I had to do? Yep, I had to contract with a designer to fix it... More $$$!

My business began growing so much that I continually had to make changes to the site. It was time for me to hire my first full time web developer. Enter AJ Kreuer.

AJ Kreuer

I found AJ where all business owners go to hire rock stars. Craigslist! To be fair, this was several years ago when craigslist wasn’t so shady. Now, I think people go to Craigslist to hire Axe Murderers. Luckily AJ isn’t an Axe Murderer (atleast I don’t think he is). He is however, a web developing genius! He created our entire site as well as all of our backend systems.

If you get a chance, take a look at this work at www.nellyssecurity.com

Luckily my web developing woes were over. However, the bad experiences I had in the past with web designers left me wondering how many other businessmen have had the same issue.

Let’s fast forward a few years. Nelly’s continued to be successful. We began developing a good list of customers that were professional security installers. We have a thing called a “Branding Program” in which we put our customers logo’s on the cameras they buy from us. This was very successful for us and customers loved it. I have found that these types of customers really put a great emphasis on their company’s brand. But I began noticing something with some of our customers that bothered me.

A lot of our customers didn’t have websites. And some of the customers really did a lot of volume with us. These guys were great businessmen. But they didn’t have a website, or the website they did have looked terrible, like it was made when the internet began. How could this be? How could you not have a legitimate website in this day and age? Could it be that they had the same issues and struggles that I had in the beginning with getting web designs made? Could it be that they simply could not afford it or they thought the costs didn’t justify the means? Whatever it was, we wanted to do something about it.

AJ and I discussed a new program for Nelly’s. We thought "Why don’t we create websites for these customers?".

Most of our customers didn’t need an elaborate website. All they needed was a single page website that displays their services and tells a little bit about their company. The fact of the matter is, they didn’t need an elaborate site, but they DID NEED A SITE! They needed a site to show their potential customers because without one sometimes makes a company look unprofessional or small.

They needed a website to use for digital marketing. They needed a website to display their most current projects and to display their customer testimonials. And most importantly, they needed a website that was cost effective.

So what we decided on was to give the customers 3 predesigned templates to choose from, they would pick one and we would customize it with their images, logos, and color schemes; all for only $19.99/mo, no hidden or upfront fees. This turned out to be a big hit. Customers loved their custom websites and they loved that it was so cost effective! However, there was still one thing missing. What if they wanted to make changes themselves? What if they wanted to design things themselves?

In early 2020, AJ and I went to our favorite speak easy here in Tulsa, OK. Fox and Hound

Fox and Hound

I had something I wanted to discuss with him. I told AJ that I wanted to begin a web design business and I wanted him to run it. He thought about it for perhaps 1-2 seconds and quickly obliged. Finally the rest of the world was going to experience the power of the AJ!

So together, we began Site Mojo! This is where it all started. Our goal? To create the easiest DIY website building platform for all tradesmen. AJ, with his web devving wizardry did just that.

Now, all tradesmen such as Electricians, Security Installers, Lawn Care, Dog Groomers, etc. can create their own easy to use website that is editable at any time as your business grows. Site Mojo is designed to where you do not need any coding skills whatsoever. Literally, the only skill you need to have is the ability to left click a mouse. You can create your own site in minutes. And the best part of it is, it only costs $19.99/mo. No upfront fees. Cancel any time.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Try it free for one month. You can see what your completed website would look like without ever spending a dime. Go ahead, give it a shot!

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